Unyielding Resilience

a testament to the incredible power of faith

Kenny Pro

Get to know the remarkable story of Ken Kirchhofer, a PGA member and Director of Operations at the historic Atascocita Golf Club in Humble, Texas. From his passion for golf to his incredible journey of resilience, Ken is making a difference as a member of the Humble ISD Board of Trustees.

A Golfer’s Passion for Service

Kenny Pro, affectionately called so by his local PGA professionals and club members, has always been deeply involved in the world of golf. As a PGA Professional, his dedication to the game of golf and love of this community is evident. Ken was hired in the fall of 2016 to re-build and re-brand the Atascocita Golf Club. His commitment to excellence, the ability to bring people together, have made him a trusted and respected public figure.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

In early 2020, community leaders and concerned parents approached Ken with an enticing proposition: to run for one of the open positions in the upcoming 2021 Humble ISD Board of Trustee Spring election. Recognizing the opportunity to make a positive impact on the education system and the lives of children, Ken embraced the idea. However, fate had a different plan in store.

A Journey of Triumph

On December 10, 2020, tragedy struck when Ken experienced a life-altering accident that left him paralyzed from his shoulders down. Undeterred by this devastating setback, Ken underwent a groundbreaking surgery to relieve pressure on his spinal cord. With a titanium rod and plate holding his neck from C2-C6 together, Ken’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination became the driving forces behind his remarkable recovery.

Against all odds, Ken began regaining feeling in his shoulders and arms. In less than four months, he defied expectations and found himself out of his wheelchair and up on a walker, ready to take on new challenges. Throughout his rehabilitation at PAM in Humble, Ken’s faith, the unwavering support of his family, and the love of this incredible community fueled his miraculous journey.

A Voice for the Future

Ken’s resilience and determination were evident as he appeared on the ballot for the Humble ISD Board of Trustee election on April 19. His message was clear: he never quits on himself, and he will never stop fighting for the well-being and future of our children. The community rallied behind Ken, and on May 1, his victory by a wide margin over four opponents became a reality.

Despite facing complications from his accident after being sworn in, Ken’s unwavering spirit never wavers. With the support of renowned sports surgeon Dr. Mark Prasarn, Ken’s path to recovery is set, with the goal of regaining his ability to walk and even golf once again. His mission today extends far beyond politics; it is about spreading the message that through faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ, anyone can overcome any obstacle in life.

Join Kenny pro on this extraordinary journey of courage, resilience, and hope.

Together, we can build a better future for our children and our community. Ken Kirchhofer knows true leadership knows no bounds.

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